Covid-19 essential product distribution permit for social relief of distress

Written by AfriForum

On 20th April 2020

Given the sharp increase in the spread of the virus in certain areas, government decided to rapidly move to a lockdown of all non-essential and non-critical businesses and services. However, essential and critical businesses and services must remain open to support the health sector and to keep people healthy, safe and secure under these extraordinary conditions.

During the course of the lockdown, it has been confirmed that care services and social relief of distress provided to older persons, the mentally ill, persons with disabilities, the sick and children will be exempted from the lockdown period. The government’s regulations also allow agricultural and food supply related operations to continue.

Although agricultural operations as well as care services and social relief of the distressed are exempted from this lockdown, people will still have to travel between certain locations. For this reason, AfriForum 911 and Saai (a network for family farmers) created this document portal to create a permit if you are rendering these services and get stopped at checkpoints.

AfriForum 911 and Saai are undertaking this initiative together as the complete chain of supply is provided by these two organisations: Saai has access to farmers to provide and transport food products from the farm to the collection points. Here, AfriForum 911 will sort the food into parcels and distribute these to people in need.

“Kindly take note that application for permits on this website will only be considered for approved members as contained in a list issued to the person granting the applications. If your name is not included in the said list, a permit will not be issued to you. Kindly refrain from applying if your details was not requested for this initiative.”

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