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AfriForum 911

AfriForum 911

AfriForum is proud to announce that the current AfriForum 911 emergency services, that we have been offering for many years for free to AfriForum members, have now been expanded to include a free cell phone panic button. Where members until now had to request help in case of emergencies from AfriForum 911, help can be provided quicker simply by pressing a button on your cell phone.

To make use of the best technology available, AfriForum decided to offer the emergency button and emergency service in cooperation with a company that has a proven track record: TrackBox Technologies. TrackBox’s current emergency partners include the SAPS, the Hawks, the K9 Unit, 10111 centres, Netcare 911, ER24, the fire and rescue departments, advanced life support, the Ethekwini Municipality and the City of Cape Town.

What is the AfriForum 911 app?

The AfriForum 911 app is an emergency app that you can download to your smartphone and which turns your cell phone into an emergency panic button. The app connects you directly to any applicable service provider anywhere in South Africa. Through the AfriForum 911 app, service providers can reach you very quickly to provide you and your family with the care you need. TrackBox’s simple interface allows you to report suspicious activities as well as to add GPS-supported alerts from wherever you are: you can be located and helped. Simply put, TrackBox receives important information that addresses your needs in solving the emergency situation. By using your information on TrackBox, the control room can transfer this information to emergency units to enable them to resolve your emergency in the most effective way.

AfriForum 911 also comes out in a full service paid version. Click here for a full list and comparison of services.


A panic button on your smartphone for the following: attacks, hijackings, home burglaries, thefts, fire, medical emergencies etc.


A “Please call me” function. A message is sent to the control room, after which the control room will call back within seconds.


Full-time (24/7) emergency assistance, including a 24/7 operated control room connected to emergency services that will react to orders from the control room.


“My Vault”, your personal digital document assistant. Personal details are stored on the smartphone and can be updated, including Personal details, Address, Contact details, Email address, Next-of-kin.


Voice note recordings in case of emergencies that can be sent to the control room. (These are not stored.)


Report the following and receive feedback from the control room regarding suspicious vehicles and incidents of hunting with dogs.


Technical support, with a person ready to help in case of app failure.

The free NPO membership is limited in several ways, the most prominent of which is that the emergency panic button becomes an automatic call to your selected ERPC or the SAPS, depending on the way your ERPC is set up.

*Does not include free third party services. Ambulance services are for the user’s account.

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