Apple App Store (iOS)

Download the TrackBox app from the App Store and follow these steps:


Open the TrackBox app.


Accept the necessary permissions.


Click on “Join”.


Complete all the required fields.


You will then receive a one-time PIN (OTP) per SMS.


Type this OTP and click on “Verify”.


Create your own password:

  1. Make sure that your password meets the requirements, if applicable.
  2. Select and choose the security question for verification purposes if you forget your password in future. (You can also create new random questions as security questions.)
  3. Click on “Submit”.
  4. Click on “Change invoice info” and select “Yes” to update your invoice details.
  5. You will now be redirected to the TrackBox member website. Select “Free” or “Premium” under the heading “Please choose between TrackBox PREMIUM services or FREE services”. Remember that the premium service will cost you a monthly fee.
  6. Now select your province.
  7. After selecting your province, you must select an ERPC – select “AfriForum – Basic”.
  8. You are now registered on the AfriForum 911 app, and AfriForum’s control room will monitor you in future.

You can now use your Afriforum 911 emergency app anywhere in South Africa.


Test the app:

  1. Press the panic button.
  2. Ask the emergency reaction and prevention centre’s officer where you are.

Update your profile regularly by using the app, or online in the TrackBox IMICS member vault.

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